Jib cranes are typically used for lifting, moving, and stacking loads of a specified diameter from a fixed point. These cranes can be used for various types of applications.

Cranes generally play a crucial role in all types of industrial work. Different types of cranes are used depending on the weight of the load to be lifted or the area suitable for movement in a construction site. A type of crane with a horizontal support element that supports a movable crane mounted on a column attached to a wall or floor is known as a jib crane. When used in industrial plants or military vehicles, it can move laterally and rotate along an arc. It can also be fixed in place.

It can also be mounted on the top floor of a warehouse building to support lifting goods from the ground to all levels. The jib is generally a horizontal operating arm extending from the crane. It is also an inclined elbow that supports a fixed pulley block. The cable is wound around the fixed block several times and attached to the load with cables around another block.

It is very attractive in the manufacturing field because it increases productivity, reduces potential injuries in the workplace, and increases safety. These types of cranes are generally used in a much smaller work area for repeated unique lifting operations and serve as an overhead lifting element.

Types of Jib Cranes

  1. Floor-mounted column jib cranes: These are jib cranes with a carrying capacity of 1 to 20 tons and a boom length of 4 meters to 20 meters, designed to work with a specific radius or full radius, and mounted on the floor.
  2. Wall-mounted jib cranes: These are jib cranes with a carrying capacity of 500 kg to 10 tons and a boom length of 2 meters to 12 meters, designed to work with a specific radius or full radius, and mounted on walls or columns.
  3. Cantilevered gantry jib cranes: These are gantry jib cranes with a carrying capacity of 1 to 10 tons and a boom length of 10 meters, designed to be movable along the gantry rails.

Jib cranes are generally mounted on a fixed structure and can also work on their own base. They are named after their design, which resembles a compass. These cranes, designed and manufactured in this way, can rotate around their own axis at certain angles and are heavy-duty machines capable of lifting heavy loads.

Functions of Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are manufactured for use in all enclosed spaces for loading, transportation, and similar purposes, and can also be optionally used in a chained manner. They are also available in different models such as fixed, wall-mounted, floor-mounted column type, and rotating type. Generally, jib crane models are preferred in areas where overhead crane installation is not possible. In addition, there are no standard dimensions, and production is entirely dependent on the tonnage to be lifted according to the location where it will be used.

They generally have a motor that provides movement, power systems, a steel cable winding pulley system, a steel cable, and a connecting hook. All of these systems work in an organized manner through the movement control. When the relevant button of the movement control is pressed, the motor and all other mechanisms begin to work. Therefore, the upward movement of the load attached to the steel cable takes place.

Jib Crane Designs

Generally, jib crane designs are made with ergonomic features for use in production environments. The design is highly attractive and functional. Compared to workstation cranes and bridge or gantry cranes, they are much easier to use and require less maintenance. This is because they have fewer parts that can potentially break or malfunction.

The crane is made up of a post that is either fixed to a wall or mounted on the floor. The post supports a movable crane and a horizontal arm. A drum or lifting wheel with a chain or rope wound around it is used to lift or lower any load. The drum is driven by electricity or pneumatics and can be operated manually.

The lifting device is usually a chain, but can also be a fiber rope or wire cable. The load is typically lifted using a lifting hook attached to a lifting device. They are also used not only in the construction industry but also in commercial and military ships.

Usage Areas of Jib Cranes

The most commonly used type of jib crane is the self-supported and floor-mounted one. It has a significant place in all kinds of lifting operations. This is because it enables more work to be done than overhead cranes and reduces waiting time. The floor-mounted jib crane, which is mounted on a concrete pedestal with a vertical mast and self-supporting, is a type of crane.

These types of cranes generally share the load of main cranes in terms of usage. All of these types of cranes can rotate 360 degrees and can also be operated manually. They are used in both domestic and foreign markets by companies that always focus on advanced technology, quality products, and customer satisfaction.

Jib Crane Pricing

Jib crane prices are very reasonable and can be purchased with easy payment options. Quality suppliers manufacture these products with affordable design and materials. These products are produced using the latest technology techniques and components that guarantee their quality. You can easily place an order for a new or second-hand 500 kg jib crane at a price that suits your needs with all the different options available.

These products are designed for processing different materials using flexible production techniques. The different types of jib cranes that can be purchased with easy payment options are offered for sale at very reasonable prices depending on their quality. High-quality and low-priced jib cranes are available for every budget, and all options are offered for sale.

The products are sold with a guarantee. Generally, the most up-to-date products are listed and sold at the lowest cost. Cranes that meet all of a customer’s needs can be procured at very reasonable prices. These proven products are manufactured with reliability, versatility, and the latest technology to fit all of your planned applications and budgets.

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