By Güçlü Vinç is a company that started its activities in Istanbul in 2011 and is making corporate progress towards branding with the service it provides in European standards. We continue on our way with an active and efficient working system without compromising on quality and without deviating from the principle of 100% customer satisfaction we aim for in production and manufacturing. By prioritizing quality over price policy in our corporate structure as By Güçlü Vinç, our production subject is the manufacture of lifting groups.

We perform crane steel construction production together with lifting groups of various capacities. Our minimum production capacity is 250 kg and our maximum capacity is 50,000 kg. Our company, which aims to fulfill our customers’ requests without any deficiencies and to provide the best and highest quality service, pays great attention to R&D studies first and foremost.

Thanks to the qualified studies we have carried out for this purpose, we provide on-site fast, smooth, and safe installation and service with our professional team.