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The use of heavy machinery is common for the creation of Gantry cranes in areas where labor is not sufficient. With the power of technology, it can be seen that Gantry cranes are used effectively in many areas. They can move smoothly on rails and transport heavy loads while facilitating the operation of mechanisms. Their movement is linear, ensuring the efficient transportation of loads.

To function properly, the systems around the crane must also work in good proportion. Gantry cranes have become increasingly helpful to people, as their seamless and quick operation lightens the workload. Secondhand overhead cranes are usually preferred as they can easily reach any desired location without causing any issues.

What are the Features of Gantry Cranes?

Gantry cranes can easily reach up to approximately 120 meters. They can be used as double girder or single girder cranes. They are built with rail systems as well as with rubber-tired structures. They have a lifting capacity of approximately 800 tons. They are mostly preferred in open areas.

They can be used easily regardless of high temperatures. One of the most liked features of these cranes is that they can be operated and used remotely with a remote control. They have four legs, so they can be used without being mounted on a structure. They are known to have a long service life and can be easily used even in extreme cold weather conditions.

What Are the Usage Areas of Gantry Cranes?

Gantry cranes are versatile machines that can be utilized for loading, lifting, or storage operations in various industries. They provide a practical solution instead of using heavy machinery and are suitable for both heavy and light products. These cranes are now being widely used in different sectors such as ports, steel industry, construction industry, marble industry, mining sites, shipyards, truck manufacturing facilities, and container storage areas. Despite the challenging environments in which they are used, Gantry cranes make operations easier and more efficient.

What Are the Types of Gantry Cranes?

These crane models are divided into three types: double, single, and also known as semi-Gantry. Semi-Gantry ones are located on multiple sides of buildings and are very safe. They are more economical compared to other types. Practical and easy-to-use Double Girder Overhead ones are used more as lifting distance increases. They usually do not have a definite size limit since they are not produced on special production necks.

They are mostly preferred in the iron and steel and shipyard sectors. They are used in heavy lifting operations. Single girder ones are suitable for daily use and are generally selected for simple tasks. It is known to be quite economical in terms of overhead cranes. They can be found without projections or with projections, and can be used in both closed and open fields.

What Are the Parts of Gantry Cranes?

The different parts of these cranes include electric plug systems, brake systems, lifting mechanisms, rails, and bridges. Other features include wind-resistant sensors, remote controls, rain protection systems, and corrosion-resistant systems. Among these features, monitoring systems are the most commonly preferred. These features are typically used in production areas and can be positioned in different ways depending on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

How Do Gantry Cranes Work?

Cranes rely on both wheels and rails for movement. They primarily operate on rails. When wheels are used, they are generally used for small or medium-sized loads. When operating the crane, the engine is taken into account, and lifting distances and speed capabilities are adjusted.

They can also work well in very humid or rainy areas. They can be powered by either an electric motor or fuel. When determining the system to be installed on the bridge, a good measurement is taken, and analysis is done to determine how high the load will be raised. It is operated remotely, and the system’s capabilities are adjusted accordingly. All equipment is controlled in this way.

How is Gantry Crane Safety Ensured?

Ensuring safety is of utmost importance when it comes to cranes, especially those used in outdoor environments. They are designed to be highly resilient to storms, with wind levels specified to prevent them from being affected. Clamps are utilized to securely grip the rails in case of high winds. Turning mechanisms are stopped immediately if there is a chance of any adverse reaction. Furthermore, if there is a short circuit or explosion, power sources for the motors are immediately intervened to prevent any potential hazards.

What are Gantry Crane Prices?

The pricing of Gantry cranes is typically based on their load transportation capabilities, with purchasing being more expensive than renting. Rental options are often utilized to make the cost more affordable, resulting in better economic outcomes. The cranes are highly maneuverable and have the ability to reach significant heights.

They are also known for their speed, which can significantly increase productivity in port operations. The cranes are highly mobile, making it easy to transport loads quickly and efficiently. As a result, the use of these systems has contributed to the growth of various industries in different areas.

Is Renting Gantry Cranes a Smart Choice?

When it comes to price comparisons in the field, renting cranes is always considered to be more reasonable than other options. Experienced corporate firms in this area offer services in many fields and help users. All desired cranes can be rented at affordable costs and made available to users. Looking at the maintenance intervals of cranes, they usually need to be maintained frequently without breaking down. Especially rented cranes are serviced again every time they are returned. These seemingly long processes are done easily with practicality and provided equipment.

Users who want to get quality results from the services generally prefer the models and years of the cranes they will rent. The process is carried out with a certain contract. The date, month, time, and day are written on this contract. If both parties are satisfied with the desired rates, the contract is signed. It is a secure process, so there is no possibility of encountering any problems.

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